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About me

Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat.
Computer Science graduate from Technoin (@Israel).

One of the main contributes to KubeVirt, a Virtualization add-on for Kubernetes to manage Virtual Machines. KubeVirt provides a unified development platform where developers can build and deploy applications residing in both containers as well as Virtual Machines in a common, shared Kuberbetes platform.

I also contribute code to influential repositories in the cloud space like Kubernetes, CRI-O, runc, cadvisor, etc. I also work and familiar with virtualization technologies, such as KVM, Qemu, libvirt, etc. Checkout my Github page (@iholder101) for more!

Interested in software development, especially in distributed systems, Kuberbetes, cloud computing and virtualization.

Basically, everything between Linux and the clouds.

Kuberenetes Core Developer Itamar Holder

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